fat loss
The confusing world of fat loss

Navigating fat loss can be overwhelming with a flood of conflicting advice from all angles, making it challenging to figure out whats best for you. Common refrains like blaming genetics, a slow metabolism, or weird dietary methods only add to the confusion. At Thrive, we understand the exhaustion from these misconceptions.

We're here to cut through the noise and offer you an evidence-based approach, devoid of fad diets or intricate protocols. Our focus is on the basics that truly work. We recognise the need for a practical strategy that fits into your busy life without feeling overly challenging.

Grasping the fundamentals

Rather than fixating on six-pack abs, our clients seek practical goals like getting leaner, gaining strength, boosting confidence, and enjoying life. Unlike other gyms, we don't spotlight the top 1% of our results. We celebrate real, sustainable results and don't subject you to crash diets for short-term aesthetics and awkward photoshoots.

At Thrive, knowledge is power, and our mission is to empower you with the information needed for sustained success, enabling you to take control of your fitness journey.


Unfortunately we cannot guarantee timeframes as everyone is different. There is one thing for sure however, you get out what you put in. The more commitment to the plan we see, the better the results.

You must be in the appropriate stage of change to be able to make the necessary adjustments to your diet and lifestyle needed. If you are not ready then the process will naturally take longer.

Spot reduction is a myth at best. Only through sustaining a calorie deficit for long enough can we expect to see general reductions in body fat. 

Yes, the diet or achieving a ‘calorie deficit’, is the primary driver of body weight/fat losses. Without being in a deficit, you will not see any changes. As the old saying goes ‘you can’t out train your diet’.

You can still keep your social life while dieting, but it will take some adjustments to do so. We cannot expect to keep the same habits that have enabled us to gain weight when we diet.

That said, busy social lives and uncontrolled weekends are the biggest issues we encounter with clients who wish to lose weight.

The majority of our clients travel for work and still achieve great results. Is it harder? Yes, but we help to prepare you for the inevitable obstacles that will come your way.

Once you have hit your goals we work together to instil you with the habits and knowledge needed for long term success. At Thrive,we believethat one of the keys to long term weight management lies in education. With a proper understanding of the principles we empower you to be able to make changes by yourself moving forward.