Muscle gain

Building muscle isn’t easy.

Some people pile it on, for others it can be like watching paint dry. One thing for sure is, you have to work for it.

It’s not as simple as turning up once a week and expecting a transformation. It can take years (not months) to put on a decent amount of muscle tissue.

Where people tend to go wrong:

Sub-optimal lifestyle
Late nights, excessive alcohol and high stress are all big no no's for optimising muscle gain. If you want to get serious about gaining muscle the lifestyle has to align.

Misaligned Nutrition
Many people miss this important aspect of muscle gain. You need to eat for muscle. So poor food choices, not getting enough of the right calories will hinder your efforts.

Ineffective Training
Think you can pick up a dumbbell and build muscle that easy? Think again. If you don't put the time and effort in to your training you will not give your muscles enough signals to grow.

We’re here to guide you through the intricacy’s of your own journey. With structured training and nutritional advice you can start laying down that muscle.

If you are willing to play the long game the rewards can be great.

We’ve worked with rugby players needing to gain muscle in their off season. To your weekend warriors wanting to look better naked.

Whatever your goal we have you covered.


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