The very best coaches Singapore has to offer under one roof.

Meet The Team

Our coaches are not only some of the most experienced in Singapore but also the most educated. We set high standards for our coaches to make sure you get the best.

Matt Benfell
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John Suriya
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Kwok Kah Onn
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Inform & Educate

Our goal is for you to manage your own health and weight long-term via education. We are the voice of reason in a world of juice cleanses, genetic testing and fad diets.

Enrich Lives

A transformation isn’t always physical before and after photo. It’s the mental and behavioural changes that occur over time. That is a true transformation.

Knowledge is Key

It can be frustrating going down the wrong path only to get zero results. Being open to change and learning the principles will free you from the fitness fads for good.

Exercise for Everyone

No matter if you’ve never stepped in the gym before or you are a pro. We know the gym can be intimidating, so we do our best to make your experience enjoyable.

Simple Nutrition

Food doesn’t need to be boring. We do our best to simplify things with easy to follow tips. In this way we help you create your own plan that is more pleasurable to stick to.

For Life

Training shouldn't be an on/off kind of thing. We work hard to help you integrate it into your life so you can be consistent and finally see the results you work so hard for.


Training sessions are 1-hour long, you will also receive expert guidance outside of the gym throughout your journey.

There are no membership fees to Core Collective. You pay for personal training packages through THRIVE only.

We currently rent space from Core Collective gyms at Tanjong Pagar, Dempsey & Katong locations. 

We offer training packages for two people at once, so bring a friend or partner along. Enquire for details.

We do not currently send trainers out to apartments orcondominiums, we are based at the gym locations listed above only.

Pricing is available upon enquiry, contact us to arrange a call today.