Our Mission

Inform & educate

Our goal is for YOU to manage your own health and weight long term through education.

The health and fitness world is full of misinformation. It not only confuses people, it leaves them with zero results for their efforts.

We are the voice of reason in the murky world of 'cleanses', 'genetic testing' and 'fad diets'.

Enrich lives

It's time to get RESULTS and stop wasting your valuable time.

To us a transformation isn't always physical. It's also the mental and behavioural aspects that occur over time. That is a true transformation.

"To watch someone apply the THRIVE methods in their own way and transform their life long term is our WHY. We empower people to be the change in their lives" - Matt, Founder

Knowledge is key

It's not about blindly following your program. We want you to understand the what and why behind everything you are going through.

We know how frustrating it can be going down the wrong track for years only to get zero results for your efforts. Being open to change and learning the principles will free you from the fitness fads for good.

Not only that but it will give you the knowledge to make your own decisions long term, with no doubts.

Exercise for everyone

No matter if you've never stepped in the gym before or you are a seasoned pro we have programs to cater for you.

We understand the gym can be an intimidating space for many, so we do our best to make your experience seamless.

Simple nutrition

Nutrition doesn't need to be boring and restrictive. We do our best to make it feel like you are never dieting with easy to follow tips.

We don't cut anything out, or demonise food, instead we talk about balance and knowledge. In this way, you create your own plan that is much more pleasurable to stick to than some generic template.

This ensures long term success and better results with you at the wheel.