Thrive Coach
Clara Nah

In the pursuit of success, we wear our unhealthy lifestyle as a badge of honour. Clara believes that thriving mentally and physically is key to achieving your life goals

Clara helps her clients embrace exercise and diet as nourishment, not punishment. By working on your mindset and finding joy in the journey, you’ll create a lifestyle you can stick to for life

As a mindful eating practitioner, she helps her clients practice mindfulness to manage stress, make values-aligned choices, cope with emotions without turning to food

With firsthand experience balancing fitness with a desk job, she offers practical strategies to stay on track so you can build a routine that works for your busy schedule

Clara’s mission is to help you regain control of your time and energy, rise above stress, reach your life goals without the extra flab.

Qualifications & Certifications


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Health Mindset Coaching Certification


Precision Nutrition level 1 coaching certification
Mindfulness-based eating awareness training practitioner (TBC)