Setting us apart is our commitment to providing insight and education.

While many companies focus solely on short-term results, we go the extra mile by empowering our clients with knowledge. We are your trustworthy and positive mentors, guiding clients not just through their fitness journeys but also educating them for life.

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Our Core Values

At Thrive, we embody a commitment to continuous self improvement – the belief that we're always students in our craft. This insatiable hunger for knowledge ensures that as coaches, we consistently outshine the competition, delivering an unparalleled experience for our clients. Our dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience goes beyond meeting expectations; it's about exceeding them. We approach each client with a customer-centric focus, aiming to make every session 'the best hour of their day.'

We coach with passion, infusing energy and enthusiasm into each session, making fitness an enjoyable and positive experience. Honesty and integrity guide every aspect of our service, rejecting fitness and nutrition gimmicks for an open and transparent approach. Finally, we embrace unconditional positive regard to each client, recognising and respecting the diverse needs and opinions, fostering a culture of compassion and empathy.

Welcome to Thrive, where our values shape every interaction, ensuring your fitness journey is both transformative and enjoyable.

What does Thrive mean to us?

The essence of Thrive lies in its multifaceted definition – to grow, develop, or be successful.

Embracing this concept, we aspire to guide our clients toward thriving in every aspect of their lives - in particular, their long-term health, fitness, and lifestyle and therefore RESULTS.

To us, Thriving involves surpassing perceived limitations, learning about lifelong nutrition and exercise, and navigating the obstacles of life with increased confidence. Finally, Thriving is about overall flourishing, personal growth, and a commitment to continual self-improvement.

Exercise should compliment your world not suck all the life from it.


Training sessions are 1-hour long, you will also receive expert guidance outside of the gym throughout your journey.

There are no membership fees to Core Collective. You pay for personal training packages through THRIVE only.

We currently rent space from Core Collective gyms at Tanjong Pagar, Dempsey & Katong locations. 

We offer training packages for two people at once, so bring a friend or partner along. Enquire for details.

We do not currently send trainers out to apartments orcondominiums, we are based at the gym locations listed above only.

Pricing is available upon enquiry, contact us to arrange a call today.