Health & Lifestyle

Health is wealth

Now more than ever, our clients are prioritising their health over appearance. Their new goal is to develop sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits. They want exercise to fit into their lives, not drain their energy.

Our lifestyle programs are designed to create balance and consistency in training. We focus on performance, building strength, and offering practical nutrition advice. While having goals is important, we let clients set the pace and direction of their progress.

Our coaches will work with you to understand your specific goals. As you evolve, so will your goals, and we'll be there to help you achieve them, whatever they may be.


  • Absolutely! Regardless of which program you choose we will help you navigate nutritional and lifestyle options suited to your goals.

  • We primarily focus on full body strength training so you can expect to build a strong a resilient body. We can also focus more specifically on areas of interest, eg. glutes, legs.

  • We always advise a minimum of 2 training sessions per week.

  • There is less emphasis placed on fat loss, or muscle gain. The program has good 'all round' coverage for the body to help maintain muscle tissue and promote good health.