Henny walked through the door with a straightforward request. "I have an audition in New York in 3 months time, get me in the best shape of my life"

At the same time, Matt was in talks with 'Esquire' to run a video series about body transformations. The two matched well and we got started with 2-3 sessions a week depending on Henny's schedule.

We had around 6 weeks of solid training before Henny went off on a boozy holiday and I thought that was it. This could derail his goal at a crucial point. Needless to say, Henny got back and crushed the remaining 4 weeks and turned in a fantastic result.

In fact, Henny hit his goal in 10 weeks. That's the pressure a film crew can have on you I guess!

“Matt’s attention to detail is impeccable. He caters to every detail of the program for you, from the workouts to the meal prep with amazing suggestions for meal ideas, healthy places to eat out, and most importantly letting you still have a life while obtaining great results. He was flexible with my schedule and really opened my eyes to making a long-term lifestyle change and not only a “12-week” change, all you need to do is listen and apply!”

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