Your injury rehab journey

Struggling with chronic pain and unsure about where to go from here? Are you afraid of aggravating a specific injury?

Lower back pain, sciatica, neck discomfort, non-arthritis joint pain, arthritic conditions or other musculoskeletal pain disorders.

Our experienced Rehab Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist will design a program to address your ongoing issues.

At Thrive, we assess clients for musculoskeletal imbalances that lead to muscle dysfunction, joint discomfort, and poor movement patterns.

Using corrective exercise and strength training exercises we work to remedy these problems so that you can begin, return, or continue your regular exercise program pain-free and with improved function.

The best care possible

As coaches we work with our clients to make sure they get the best help beyond our expertise. We routinely outsource to physiotherapists, doctors and other health professionals where necessary. So you can guarantee you are getting the best possible service at all times.


Provided that no surgery is needed, our rehabilitation and strengthening expert is well-versed in working around injuries to get you back moving pain-free. Nevertheless, we are also equally adept at post-surgery strengthening working in collaboration with your physio.

Definitely! No injury management program is complete without a highly individualised nutrition program to match.

No, it is not. We are not qualified physiotherapists; we do not conduct any physiotherapy. Our injury management expert is, however, extremely qualified at resistance training and biomechanics to achieve pain-free movement. We routinely work alongside physiotherapists in the overall management of client injuries. You cannot claim through your insurance.

It depends! Many factors play a part in this, but as always, the process cannot be rushed. More will be discussed during the consultation.

No, the training sessions will be an actual resistance training workout with exercises blended in to address your niggling issues. You can be assured that you will actually be lifting weights (and not pulling on resistance bands or doing stretches for the whole hour!)

Absolutely not! Many of the clients we train were completely new to the gym, not having lifted weights before. You can be assured that you are in the safest hands possible.