I was invited to join Matt (then hated trainer, now friend) to meet him for a consultation and workout session to set some objectives and aspirations.

I thought I was making okay money to use it as a form of motivation to get that transformation - forcing myself to go workout because I paid for it.

In my line of work and my social life, basically keeping in shape is almost impossible, or so I thought.

I train at least three times a week and it’s great to see my strength increasing every time I train. I’m hovering around 68 kilos, losing a total of 10 kilos in 16 weeks, and most importantly, I can fit back into that pants!

Fun fact, I used to think I have Gynaecomastia and thought I needed surgery to get rid of my man boobs but I guess it’s sorted now.

You can read more about Kelvin’s Journey and some of his strategies used to transform on his blog here and here.


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