Matt Benfell

Matt began his career 12 years ago teaching group Pilates and Strength Training. Starting in London he has since worked in Sydney and for the past 7 years, Singapore.

During this time Matt has coached an array of clients and learnt from some of the best minds in the industry.

Matt's passion has always been in the health and fitness space. His thirst for knowledge sees him continually upskilling through courses, seminars and mentorships.

As he has progressed in his career he has moved into helping people with their body composition. In particular helping clients approach their goals in a sustainable manner.

In a sea of rapid transformation gyms Matt decided to be the change he wanted to see and as a result, Thrive was born.

At Thrive, our goal is for YOU to manage your own health and weight long term through education.

The health and fitness world is full of misinformation. It not only confuses people, it leaves them with zero results for their efforts.

We are the voice of reason in the murky world of 'cleanses', 'genetic testing' and 'fad diets'.

Qualifications & Certifications


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